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HTML and CSS are the core languages for any website, if you are looking to becoming a web designer; or, frontend, backend or fullstack webdeveloper you will need to learn these. HTML and CSS are the easiest languages to learn since they are both not scripting languages. In this post we will explore what is the best way to learn HTML and CSS in 2018.

I’ll be making this post based on my experience with these languages, I’ve already been trough some free and paid courses on both of these and I have separated the best ones for you! Firstly I want to say that for these languages a free course is just as effective as a paid one, since they are very simple languages and won’t require a lot of logic to get nice results.

However, learning the languages through a course isn’t enough, practice is the key to mastering ANY programming language. Practical knowledge in the language will always be more valuable than memorizing tons of tags, functions and attributes (which you will most of the time, be looking up on google and other resources anyway).

So, in this post I’ll start by sharing the sources to get learn HTML and CSS. Then, I’ll share some tips as to how you can acquire tons of practice with these languages.

Where To Learn HTML and CSS Free Online

You can find hundreds of great and free content on HTML and CSS, these are my go to sources.

-Khan Academy

Khan Academy is known to offering free education on many subjects, normally aimed at high-school and college students. However, they also offer complete Computer Science and Programming courses. They also have tons of web development courses, so check out their free HTML and CSS course. In my experience I have only encountered high quality courses from Khan Academy and I have never been disappointed by them!

“But Nick… Lynda isn’t free.”

Actually it is… for some people. Check your local library website to see if they participate with library program, where you can sign up for a free library card and use a special link to log-in into with a FREE lifetime membership. I highly recommend you check this out, as on you can have access to much more courses other than just HTML and CSS. Some of their courses can actually help you land a job and learn many more languages and best practices of coding.

In my case I went to the Los Angeles Public Library Website and I was able of getting an e-library card within 5 minutes and log-in to to start the Frontend Web Development Learning Path.

But, even if you can’t get a free account I would recommend paying the $25/month price for it if you are serious about web development, since you will have access to many useful courses that will make you an effective and desirable employee. Such as:

Do not underestimate business skills, they can be the difference between you making $60,00 per year and $80,000 per year, for virtually no more effort than being able to communicate to your employee your value to their company and showing you are an amazing communicator.

-The Odin Project

The Odin Project is a website with a free free curriculum for anyone who wants to begin their journey in web development, they have HTML and CSS courses, plus, tons of other languages and courses in theri curriculum to help you become a full-stack web developer. So check them out here.


I’ll be honest…I haven’t personally tried this, but I’ve heard multiple people say CodeAcademy is great for beginners and it looks high quality. It is also free, so definitely worth checking out.


There are thousands of content creators on youtube in the computer programming niche! You just have to find the good ones.

You can find a great playlist on HTML here.

And, another great one for CSS here.

How To Practice These Languages And Become A Great Developer

Coding challenges and projects are definitely the way to go. If you were fortunate enough to get a free account you will access to some projects for the lessons.

But here are some ideas for projects in HTML and CSS:

There are tons of projects you can try, I recommend starting with easy stuff, like cloning websites and creating a blog from scratch. But you can also look for platforms like CodePen, where you can see what other people created and try to understand their logic.

What is CodePen?

CodePen is a “playground for fronted web developers”. In there you will be able to browse through open source projects of other front-end developers. They are using HTML, CSS and JScript, if you are serious about mastering these languages and the practice of front-end web development, being part of this open source community is a must. They are also free.

Another good source for projects is Youtube. One of my favorite channels is Derek Banas, here is one of his videos on responsive web design and CSS tricks.

Best Way To Learn HTML and CSS Conclusion

As you now know, there are many high quality courses on HTML and CSS out there, just pick one and dedicate your time to it! After learning the basics, start building something!

The practice you will get is what will make you feel progression and deep understanding of the language. Also, when you get hired you will be judged on your competence of building something with what you learned, not with your certificates and diplomas. There is a big difference between education and academic achievement.

Where To Go From Here?

After learning HTML and CSS, the next step would be to learn JavaScript, a scripting language utilized on the web. I’ll be making a post on JavScript later on, and I’ll also be adding a post about the best education path for a front-end and full-stack web developer. So subscribe to my e-mail list or follow my page on facebook.

I hope you enjoyed this list. If you feel like I should include something, leave a comment! If you like this content, please share it with your friends on social media, you never know who is looking for this information, and also letting the world know you are pursuing web development skills can help you land jobs and make important connections!

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The Best Way To Learn HTML And CSS
These FREE resources are the best way to learn HTML and CSS in 2018! Click here to check them out. Some of them are not commonly known.