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As a beginner myself, I want to become proficient and productive in web development. At the moment my focus is on the front-end stuff, but eventually I want to be making my way into developing entire web apps, front and back end. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you how to practice coding.

Practice is the only real way to get good at coding, you can read all the books and watch all the videos, but, if you don’t implement productive activities to your learning regimen, you won’t be reaching the proficiency level you desire. If you still haven’t learned the basics of web developing, I recommend you check out my post on The Best Ways To Learn HTML and CSS.

Exercises and projects are the way to go!

Exercises To Practice Front-end:

Starting with simple exercises where you write a few blocks of code will help you feel more comfortable writing code, and more importantly, understand the fundamentals of coding so you can move on to more complex code structures.

For hundreds of HTML and CSS exercises I go to:

They also have a section dedicated for JavaScript:

Now, have in mind that Javascript is a very extensive subject, so make sure you are practicing only the things you need first. So you will need some planning to develop your own path through these exercises, you wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of hours practicing something that won’t really make you productive to your career or project would you? A good way to plan, is to focus first on the basic concepts, the building blocks of every program, and then hand-pick the exercises that will benefit you the most.

Projects For Beginner Front-end Developers:

Once you feel comfortable with writing code, it is time to make something useful.

For front-end development I recommend starting by creating websites clones in HTML and CSS. Starting with simple blogs and news websites. Then try to make responsive websites. Once you get the hang of content formatting and styling, try to add some basic javascript functionalities, such as tabbed windows and world clocks.

Here is a blog post with 5 project ideas.

How To Practice Coding Conclusion

There is no secret to it, just start with some exercises and build up to finding or thinking about projects and get them done. Participate in forums, subreddits, bootcamps, meetups and other communities where you can ask for help if you ever get stuck in one project.

Youtube can also be a great source for projects that come with step by step instructions if you feel like you need that. Personally I like DevTips for CSS and styling projects, check out their CSS Parallax tutorials.

The most important thing to remember is to build a strong portfolio. Once you get good at coding in the front-end, things can get a bit boring, so also try to explore the back-end as that can help you land more jobs, and even build full web applications yourself! Also, the demand for full-stack web developers will always be greater than the demand for front-end only developers, give yourself more opportunities :).